Mid way through the 2015 season…

Wow!  The 2015 season has been a good one so far for both my athletes and myself. My athletes are working hard at their individual goals and may have exceeded their expectations. What I love about coaching is working with the new triathletes or especially those attempting a race distance for the first time.  I find that part of coaching is teaching and I love introducing athletes to how to train properly.   This season,  I have 3 clients working toward Ironman Maryland as their first Ironman and all doing well. One of my athletes  is training for Toughman as his second 70.3 with me and plans for Ironman next year.  A female athlete has completed her second 70.3 with me and  has plans for Eagleman 70.3 and Ironman Maryland next year.  Can’t wait to see them both reach their goals of becoming an Ironman.  There is nothing like being the part of somesone’s first!

I managed to place 1st in my AG in both the Navesink 1.2 swim and Patriot 70.3.  I had a nice PR of 5:27 for the 70.3.  Was going to another AG placement at NJ Sprint but the weather decided to change that plan.  NJ State  was forced to cancel just as I finished the bike, but managed a 5th place female in aquabike partly due to the fact, I saw the storm clouds as I was coming in and knew it was going to be done so I slowed up. Lesson learned, don’t give up just cause it might get called.  Just as I did, 2 ladies my age group passed me on bike!  BUMMER!  I am hoping to do well at the IronGirl in Sandy Hook and maybe sqweek out one more race by end of Sept.

It is the time in the season, where I take a few weeks off from teaching swim lessons and racing to get the family vacations in, kids ready for school and one son off to college.  I will be starting my swimming lessons back up in Mid Sept for those interested in lessons.  I will also start taking clients for the 2016 season, starting in Mid-October.

Looking forward to the 2015 season…..

My favorite athletes to help are the new ones just entering the sport and those attempting a new distance for the first time.  In 2014, I helped 7 athletes reach their goal of completing a 70.3 race for the first time.  Along with that I helped other clients complete their first races ever. Keeping my client load to a small group helps me give more time to my athletes.  I usually never work with more than 6 clients and last year I had 10.  Along with Tri coaching clients, I worked with many other triathletes and swimmers as well using the Total Immersion Method of teaching and improving their freestyle stroke.  It was a busy but successful year for Tri 4 Fun.  Another miles stone for Coach Thea was that 2014 was the first year that I had not done a race in 13 years and the break was well needed.  I am looking forward to a new season for my athletes and myself in 2015.   I am currently booked as I took on less athletes this year so I could train. I want to wish all athletes a happy and healthy 2015 Season!!

Coach Thea