As 2012 Ends and 2013 Begins…..

It has been a while since I have posted anything.  Life seems to just get busier and busier and so much time passes before you realize it.  I never seem to have time to write especially this past year.  As 2012 ends and 2013 begins, I would like to say goodbye to a year that brought happy and sad times for me and my family as it does for most.  I am so thankful to have my family in years like 2012. They are what gets us through all the tough times and makes the happy times all the better.

As 2013 begins, I am looking forward to an active year.  I have signed up for another Ironman even though, a year ago I would have not thought it possible.  I spent 2012 with a hamstring injury and hit a real rough spot after my bike crash in May 2012.  I did manage to squeak out one full Olympic tri and two Half iron distance Aqua Bikes.  I even set a couple PR on my bike times which I was thrilled at.   I have signed up for Rev3 Quassy Half Ironman distance in June, Lake Placid Ironman in July and hope to sneak some sprints in as well in the spring.

I want to thank my clients for a great year.  My RWJ Tri group completed in their first triathlon at NJ State and all did amazing.  They were such an inspirational group of people who got up and started training 3 days at week at 5:15am.  The program is now going to be called the “Team 5:15″.   So appropriately named by the group not me.  I love it!  The program starts again in March 2013 with a program for first time Sprint and Olympic Distance triathletes.  My Tri 4 Fun Training clients all did amazing in 2012.  Several clients placed in their age groups or set PR’s.  The best part of coaching is in watching your athletes compete and do well.  I was fortunate enough to get to see alot of my clients races this year.  Seeing their faces as they cross the finish line is what it is all about!

The Central Jersey Tri Club finished its second year in 2012 and my last year as the club president.  The last two years as club president were hard, frustrating, exhausting  but most of all extremely fufilling.  All of which I was warned it would be by a local race director, when I helped get the club started.  The best part is that I have met,trained and worked with so many great people.  There is nothing like the Triathlon community to be part of.  We each come to this sport for different reasons, race or compete with different goals, but always come together to have a good time and celebrate the fact we can ALL do it.  As 2013 starts, my role with Central Jersey Tri Club will be as Vice President and coach.  My role will be more coaching than administative and I am so happy to get back to what I truly love, Coaching!

My journey with Total Immersion continues in 2013.  I hope to become an even more efficient swimmer and hope to help others to swim more efficiently.   I have classes scheduled and full already for the winter session and more private lessons starting every week.  I am always excited to see my Total Immersion clients make the discovery of swimming with ease and fluidity.  As a tri coach, I love helping those who would normally never consider participating in a triathlon because of the swim, learn to swim with confidence and ease.

I hope you are thankful for what you were able to do, learn and experience in 2012 and are setting goals for a fantastic 2013!!  I sure am!

Happy New Year!!!!!